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Easy, efficient organization! BidSet is the best construction bid management tool available today! Enjoy more accurate record keeping and comprehensive tracking capability. Connect with vendors, solicit bids, track responses, and more – with the whole process documented perfectly and painlessly! Whether you are designing, bidding or building; BidSet streamlines the collaboration and distribution of project data.

Why is BidSet The Best Construction Bid Management Tool?

  • Easy, Efficient Organization: Manage your vendor data and contact info
  • Choose the Best Suppliers: Use your own vendors or use our public directory or both
  • Comprehensive Tracking: Track bid invitations, response, plan holders list, and more!
  • For the Life of Your Project: Essential electronic document storage: document revisions & addenda
  • Flexible Bid Solicitation: Be reached by e-mail or fax
  • Fast Plans & Specs: Available online or by toll-free number
  • Auto Forward: Directs RFI’s to your e-mail
  • Rapid Response: Automatically creates transmittals

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