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Easy, efficient organization! BidSet is the best construction bid management tool available today! Enjoy more accurate record keeping and comprehensive tracking capability. Gone are the days of spending hours individually searching for, prequalifying, contacting, and organizing bids from your contractors. BidSet provides a centralized platform to connect with vendors, solicit bids, track responses, and more – with the whole process documented perfectly and painlessly!

In addition, the BidSet construction information management tool includes a powerful search engine that allows you to search your list of contractors by trade, union status, area(s) of operation, bonding, and more. Whether you are designing, bidding or building; BidSet streamlines the collaboration and distribution of construction project data.

Why is BidSet The Best Construction Bid Management Tool?

  • Easy, Efficient Organization: Manage your vendor data and contact info
  • Choose the Best Suppliers: Use your own vendors or use our public directory or both
  • Comprehensive Tracking: Track bid invitations, response, plan holders list, and more!
  • For the Life of Your Project: Essential electronic document storage: document revisions & addenda
  • Flexible Bid Solicitation: Be reached by e-mail or fax
  • Fast Plans & Specs: Available online or by toll-free number
  • Auto Forward: Directs RFI’s to your e-mail
  • Rapid Response: Automatically creates transmittals
  • Detailed Reporting: Easily aggregate and interpret your data to make more informed decisions
  • Expert Support: Work with a dedicated “Construction Information Manager” and receive support and training as needed

Save Time, Money, & Client Relationships with BidSet Management

Construction firm BR Fries & Associates, LLC leveraged BidSet Management to help their team save time – and money – while facing elevated competition and a poor economy. They used BidSet to easily search and prequalify their contractors, track bid invitations, organize documents and more. Additionally, the Fries team is able to use BidSet Manager’s reports to identify holes in their trade coverage, review the bid history for their contractors, and compare bidders and bid amounts to past projects with similar scopes. These tools allow the company to provide the most qualified team of contractors available at the best possible price for every job, which in turn resulted in their excellent 85% client retention rate – almost unheard of in the “cutthroat” construction business.

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If your construction firm has been struggling with a chaotic and ad hoc bid management processes, it’s time to try BidSet. You won’t believe how much time you’ll save your team – and how much money you’ll save by quickly and efficiently identifying the most qualified contractors at the best price!
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