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Speedy, secure, and simple! Construction Digital File Management System iShareDocs is the best way for Architects, Engineers, and Construction Professionals to share files and documents online. Faster, more dependable and much more secure than FTP uploads or email attachments. Share with one person or hundreds: it’s easy to be efficient with iShareDocs.

Why is iShare Docs the best file sharing service?

  • Simple To Use: No special training required! Anyone can share files securely using iShareDocs.
  • Send Huge Files: Upload gigabyte after gigabyte, you won’t overload your mailbox!
  • Marketing Matters: Your company branding appears on all of your uploaded files.
  • Fits Your Needs: Service levels up to and including unlimited numbers of projects and users!
  • Secure Your Data: Protect and organize your files – great for online project collaboration!
  • Super Speed: Faster than FTP or email delivery – especially for CAD files!


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