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Please be sure to complete these steps before upgrading NapTrak.

  1. It is strongly recommended that the person responsible for managing your computers do the upgrade.
  2. Before installing the new version of NapTrak, remember that the NapTrak Cad Plug-in is still running and needs to be stopped and removed from the startup folder.
    • Press Alt-Ctrl-Del and find Ntrakcad.exe in the Task Manager list. Highlight it and click End Task. This will stop it from running, then right click on the Start menu and click Explore All Users. Find the startup folder Start Menu Programs Startup and delete the Ntrakcad.exe shortcut.
  3. Please note, by default, NapTrak 5.0 will install itself into the same folder that the previous version was installed. (C:\Program Files\NapTrak\) Therefore it will be necessary to create or remove any additional folders.
  4. Before running the upgrade copy the NapTrak.dat, and NapTrak.csv files out of the NapTrak directory if they are stored locally. If the CSV and DAT files are stored on a network location they do not have to be moved. This can be checked by looking in the Admin Tools, found in NapTrak Info for their current locations.
  5. All of the User Information found in the NapTrak Info will be carried over into the new version of NapTrak and will not have to be re-typed in. Although the IP addresses of the plotter that you are using will NOT be carried over and will have to be typed in. (Please note that NapTrak 5.0 now supports printing & retrieving from multiple plotters using direct IP.)

Installation Checklist

After NapTrak 5.0 has been installed please follow these steps to insure that NapTrak has been fully upgraded.

  • After the installation is complete, start NapTrak and use the Admin Tools to specify the locations of the NapTrak.csv, NapTrak.dat and NTrak.lic files, because their paths are not retained during the upgrade.
  • Accounting in NapTrak 5.0 is an option and is OFF by DEFAULT. It needs to be turned ON if you use the accounting feature. This is now done by going to Admin Tools and changing Project logging from OFF to ON. Config Admin Tools Project Logging Off/On.

New Features

Some the new features are:

  • Accounting is now optional and can be turned on or off using the Admin Tools. Use the Project logging On/Off toggle.
  • You can now print from the Viewer as long as Accounting is turned off. When viewing the file, click the Printer icon. Note that you can now print ACAD.dwg files from the viewer but not from the NapTrak print window.)
  • The option of printing a single file from the files to print list. Simply highlight the file in the list and click File Print Single.
  • Another new feature within the viewer is the ability to copy a real-size portion of an image within the viewer in able to paste it into other programs and applications such as an e-mail. This can be achieved by zooming into a section of the image and getting the size you would like to copy. Then pressing Ctrl C to copy and then window on the full-size portion of the image you wish to copy. Then you can paste by clicking Ctrl V and paste it into the program:
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