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SiteWorx / OS

Looking for a powerful yet inexpensive solution for calculating earthwork measurements?

SiteWorx/OS is easy, accurate and affordable.

With SiteWorx/OS, digitize directly from most raster and vector file types including TIFF, PDF, Vector PDF, DWG, DXF and more. With vector files, simply single click on a contour line to takeoff the entire line. With DWG files, isolate the design layers and quickly import contour lines and points with the elevations in seconds.

Digitize, with your mouse, existing and proposed contour lines, spot elevations and areas along with project boundaries, topsoil strip areas, topsoil respread areas, sloping lines, trenches and boring logs. With the click of a button, SiteWorx/OS automatically and accurately calculates earthwork measurements including cut, fill volumes and areas with subgrade volumes. All information is clearly displayed with 3D models, cross sections, boring log strata and material reports.

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