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3D Scanning and Visual Data for 2 Learning Units

How 3D scanning and visual data are bringing forensic truth to design and construction

About this Course: As Built drawings have been the bible for any owner, design or construction firm before and after a construction project to memorialize the build history. Too often, As Built Documentation has been seen as Documents of Truth in construction, but many have discovered, either missing or incomplete data of the building structure. These omissions or inaccuracies can often lead to time delays, change orders, or even lawsuits. Many times owners are left with incomplete documentation at project closeout, and years later discover incomplete or missing information from the turnover package/closeout of the project. New technologies are now helping forensically validate building data before, during, and after construction.

This course will discuss how technology will improve the design, build, as-built, and closeout processes in design and construction.

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