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Watching the Future Unfold

A Letter from Gary Wilbur

International Reprographic AssociationThe International Reprographics Association (the “IRgA”) is our industry association, and includes a thousand members from North America, and many other continents around the world. Twenty years ago, we were “blueprinters,” and most of the services we provided were “print” related. In the early 1990’s, the digital age started to have significant effects on the processes to distribute design and construction information. Our services became more “digital print” centric, but print nonetheless.

During the period 2002-2008, the amount of construction information exploded due to a booming construction market, and our services started to become more “digital management” centric, and due to increased distribution of information digitally via the Internet and Email, the mass printing of construction information started to decrease.

The significant decline in the design and construction industries, during the last few years, has caused firms to review their workflow processes, and the distribution of “construction information” has changed significantly. Online posting of project information, electronic ITB’s, FTP’s, downloading, and printing PDF’s in our customers’ offices, are commonplace today and here to stay.

Being active in the IRgA, has allowed our organization to be in the forefront of our industry, and ensures we at R.S. Knapp Co., Inc./Napco provide value to our customers. Evolving from
“blueprinters” to “distributors” of digital construction information, has provided value to project teams and construction projects. We ain’t just printers anymore! Hopefully, our periodic newsletters help describe the new services we are providing to our customers. You can go to our website, and sign up to receive a digital version, so that you don’t ever miss an issue.

While there are significant challenges in the industries we work in today, we look forward to working with our customers in the future. We guarantee you that we will always value your business, and bring you value in doing business together.

Gary Wilbur
President, R.S. Knapp/Napco

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