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Construction Information Management

NAPCO Construction Information Services

Top developers, contractors, and builders know that it’s the careful management and exchange of data over the course of a construction project that determines the success and profitability of the job. Having the right information when and where you need it, streamlines coordination of trade professional’s time on site, and minimizes costly downtime. Smart Construction Information Management (“CIM” ) enhances your project’s profitability by eliminating lost documentation, wasted time and needless errors. All the information required to do it right, is at your fingertips. Choose Napco to organize, distribute, collaborate, and archive information for your major construction projects across New Jersey, New York, Connecticut, and Pennsylvania.

CloseOutDocs: Helps you collect and organize all the documents you need to close-out your job.

iMarkups: Mark-up plans on paper, sync it with the cloud.

3D Scanning Services: Capture the world that exists in and around your building or project.

3D Visual As-Builts: Get a 3D video fly through of your space!

PlanSet: Do more work with less effort and the ability to prove compliance.

Bidset: Efficient bid management – made easy!

iShare Docs: Easy, secure, dependable file sharing – batter, faster,a nd more secure than FTP!

PPR: Strategic printing – get all the data you need, print less, and save money!

Napco is your source for the best Construction Information Management service. It doesn’t matter whether you use:

  • paper,
  • disks,
  • email
  • The internet

Napco has the Construction Information Management tools, solutions and team you need. With over 60 years experience, we facilitate the tracking and collaboration it takes to win jobs, get them done efficiently, document and protect your interests. Afterward, we’ll archive the whole thing.

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