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How Can You Manage Bids While Social Distancing?

In a recent survey about the challenges of the post-COVID-19 environment, municipal engineers responded that bid distribution and the pre-bid walk through of construction sites in an era of social distancing was a major concern. Municipalities are struggling to find a way to effectively distribute the bid information while maintaining social distancing.

Bidset from Napco is a bid management platform designed to allow for a touchless bid management process with an option for 3D flythroughs for a virtual pre-bid walk through.

This centralized platform allows you to connect with vendors, solicit bids, track responses, and more – with the whole process documented perfectly and painlessly. You won’t believe how much time you’ll save your team – and how much money you’ll save by quickly and efficiently identifying the most qualified contractors at the best price.

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Owners get a turnkey solution that allows them to have a web page to host all their bid documents, eCommerce ability to collect deposits, addenda tracking, a certified plan holder list and an increased bidder pool for lower project costs. With an option to do a 3D flythrough for virtual prebid walk through.

In addition, the BidSet construction information management tool includes a powerful search engine that allows you to search your list of contractors by trade, union status, area(s) of operation, bonding, and more. Whether you are designing, bidding or building; BidSet streamlines the collaboration and distribution of construction project data.

Potential Bidders have the convenience of viewing the latest set of plans online 24/7, order and pay for the plans remotely and get a virtual 3D pre-bid walk through of the project that can be viewed anywhere with no special technology or training required. No wasting time and money by traveling to a jobsite only to discover you don’t want to bid the job— all while maintaining social distancing.

The end result is a FREE solution for the Municipality or government agency, no additional cost to the contractor, and a virtual No-Touch Bid Solution for the public. The online access and virtual tour increase the bidder pool— resulting in more competitive pricing. This is truly a win-win-win solution for the Agency/A/E Firm/Potential Bidder. Furthermore, the A/E Firm or government agency need not worry about interested bidders showing up at their office unannounced, or the social distancing issues inherent in public bidding. Contractors can order and pick up bid packages at four separate locations if they need a hard copy set, or simply download a digital set while still in their pajamas!

Advantages to the owner:

  • Social distanced maintained
  • No onsite pre-bid walk through
  • Increased bidder pool results in better pricing— use your own vendors or use our public directory or both
  • 24/7 access
  • Certified & tracked plan holder list
  • Addenda tracking and certification
  • Forensic plan-holder tracking
  • eCommerce for plan deposit collection
  • Free for government, schools & colleges
  • Expert support— work with a dedicated “Construction Information Manager” and receive support and training as needed
  • Detailed reporting allows you to easily aggregate and interpret your data for more informed decisions

Advantages to bidder:

  • No onsite pre-bid walk through
  • Saves time & money
  • 24/7 access
  • Social distancing maintained
  • Latest plans and addenda online
  • Hard copy and digital plans available
  • View plans for free
  • eCommerce platform means no racing to an office to submit a check

We would like to give you a FREE online demo of our bidset and vizbuilts platform at your convenience!

Click here for a quick demo of your free gate page for your bid documents and here for a sample 3D virtual prebid walk through.

Save Time, Money, & Client Relationships with BidSet Management

Construction firm BR Fries & Associates, LLC leveraged BidSet Management to help their team save time – and money – while facing elevated competition and a poor economy. They used BidSet to easily search and prequalify their contractors, track bid invitations, organize documents and more. Additionally, the Fries team is able to use BidSet Manager’s reports to identify holes in their trade coverage, review the bid history for their contractors, and compare bidders and bid amounts to past projects with similar scopes. These tools allow the company to provide the most qualified team of contractors available at the best possible price for every job, which in turn resulted in their excellent 85% client retention rate – almost unheard of in the “cutthroat” construction business.

Read the full Bidset Case Study (PDF) >>

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