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NEW Touchless Bidding Platform

New Touchless Bid System from NAPCO

NAPCO develops new touchless construction bid platform in response to Covid-19 lockdown

Lyndhurst NJ, 8/10/20 –

Following on the heels of our recent acquisition of PrimeYou LLCNAPCO is pleased to announce the launch of their touchless bid platform, Bidset. Addressing the need for social distancing and touchless processes NAPCO has been working with industry leaders to create Bidset, a one of a kind touchless bid platform with the ability to do 3D fly throughs for virtual pre-bid walk throughs.

Kevin O’Keefe, VP of NAPCO’s Digital Workflow Solutions, said “At NAPCO we are constantly working with our clients to come up with new innovations to address the changes in the industry. When Covid hit we were all scrambling. Working from home was not the challenge, everyone has a tablet and wifi now. Clients working on essential projects were coming to us saying ‘we need to get this project out to bid but no one is allowed in our building’ or the they ‘cannot go to the jobsite to do a walk through.‘ It was really becoming a problem. These were important healthcare and government facilities we are talking about. Bidset was a direct response to the need for touchless bid platform. Owners can manage their bid documents completely online with no need for coming in contact with anyone. The same is true for the contractors. They can view and order plans online without the need to go to an office pick anything up or drop off a check. There is the added benefit for owners and project managers in that the online nature of Bidset allows for more bidders resulting in lower and more accurate estimates.”

Mr. O’Keefe went on to say that “the acquisition of Prime You LLCwas very timely because it allowed us to roll out our 3D reality capture program VizBuilts at a time when it was desperately needed. NAPCO has the ability to allow an owner to manage all of their bid documents and provide a 3D fly through of the project so everyone can social distance while building our most critical infrastructure. We are very proud of the team here at NAPCO they came together at a very difficult time to produce a product that allowed our clients to combat the virus.” 

We consider the use of BIDSET important enough to critical infrastructure projects that we are making the use of BIDSET free for hospitals, government agencies, schools and other essential projects. “These projects need to get built, we cannot afford to have another construction shutdown because of Covid. NAPCO is working with local, state and government agencies to not only ensure that these project can go to bid but that the process is safe.” said Michael O’Keefe President of R.S. Knapp. “We’re just trying to do our part to help.” 

If you would like to find out more about BidsetVizbuilts and NAPCO’s other digital work flow services please visit or call Mr. Kevin O’Keefe at 201-438-1500.

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