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Construction Closeouts just got easier!

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General Contractors and Building Owners, stop manually updating spreadsheets and stop pulling your hair out during the closeout process! NAPCO’s online CLOSEOUT service helps you collect and organize all the documents you need to close-out your job.

This tool is even simpler for a subcontractor’s workflow because they upload directly from the email they received. It automatically sends reminders to the people who owe you documents. And the alerts continue until the last document from each sub is submitted and approved.

Closeout Docs auto-generates reports on what is outstanding, rejected, etc, and tells you what data has been collected and received. It delivers an interactive, living turnover package that is superior to what you’re doing now.

GCs get paid faster. Clients get superior Closeout Books.

Call David Cramer at 201-438-1500, or use the link at the top of the page to request a demonstration and information.

CloseOut Docs Flyer (PDF brochure)

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