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What is PPR?

Plan, Print, and Review with PPR – the smart, strategic printing tool! PPR lets the construction professional print less and save more with this well managed print application. This innovative tool lets you quickly locate the information you need – and print only that! You don’t have to waste time or money printing the entire PDF anymore. Combine PDFs into “bid packages” for easy reference, mark-up PDF documents, and e-mail mark-ups for additional print savings. Click here for the PPR download form.

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Why is PPR Ideal for Printing Architectural Plans and Drawings?

  • Save Time: PPR saves you time and money by allowing you to quickly find the files you need to start working.
  • Efficient Construction Information Management: PPR allows you to batch print only the files you need, all at once. This allows for a more efficient way to manage your company’s information.
  • Simple Construction Document Management: PPR gives you to ability to combine PDFs into a “bid package” for easy reference. This further simplifies information management, allowing you more time building and less time hunting for info.
  • Online Project Collaboration: Gone are the days of loose-leaf papers! PPR allows you to mark-up and email PDF documents to anyone! Print less, work more!
  • Save Money: Who doesn’t love to save money? Digital files mean less paper, and less paper means less cash being spent. PPR gives you the ability to only print what you need.

Going Green to Manage Information Better

Another underrated benefit of file digitalization is that you are successfuly doing your part in helping the planet. Less printing leads to less wasted paper, and a happier planet. Feel free to advertise this as one of your company’s methods of going green! There’s nothing better than a sense of pride when helping out our planet, and the added benefits of simpler document management and reduced costs only sweetens the deal!

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