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3D Visual As-Builts

VizBuilts by NAPCO


NAPCO’s 3D Visual As-Built Service provides you with a 3D video fly through of your space. Offered with or without NAPCO’s CloseOut Docs Service. This is an extremely professional, final touch to your project (and its really cool).

What is the Napco “Visual As Builts” Service?

For a variety of reasons The Closeout Process is always a struggle. In many cases the as built data is incomplete, inaccurate, or goes missing after the turnover package is given to the owner. The NAPCO Visual As Builts (V.A.B.S) benefits all stakeholders by providing a visual history of the buildout.

NAPCO Visual As Builts give visual proof the work was complete and serves as an interactive operation manual for the owner to maintain their facility.

When Should Visual As Builts Be Used?

Napco’s Visual As Built Service “VABS” provides a 360° 3D Walkthrough of the jobsite. Visual As Builts can be offered as time lapse milestones (see below) or as a superior deliverable at closeout.

Visual As Builts can be taken at scheduled project milestones such as:

  • Pre-existing site conditions for site history AS SITE WAS
  • Rough out of MEP before walls are closed to document what is behind the walls
  • Before ceiling is closed to verify things like fire-caulking at penetrations or compression struts on the acoustical ceiling grid.
  • Visual as built of your entire project to be delivered with closeout. Provides the owner with smart visual data of the facility and linked to technical data.
  • Visual As Builts provided at request of Facility Managers who want to update existing legacy facility data via visual walkthrough of their facility. Visual As Builts will link the newly captured visual data to their existing facility information (Warranties, O&M Manuals, As Builts, etc.).  

Why Should a Contractor or Facility Manager use Napco’s Visual As Built Service?

  • Measurable photographs or scan data.
  • Accurate – know the location of framing members and MEP components accessed in one mouse click.
  • Dated – images are indexed by date and location in the interface.
  • Annotation – RFI’s, delays, architects’ supplemental instructions and sketches, O & M information can all be linked at the click of your mouse.
  • Close-out packages –Visual As Builts provide a better deliverable to your clients to run their facilities. Replace binders and thumb drive Closeout Manuals with Visual As Builts an interactive operations tool for facility personnel.
  • Insurance claim verification – The fastest way to confirm a claim is to provide photographic proof of what was there. There is little arguing with an accurate and high-resolution photograph with dates stamps and multiple views.
  • Quality Control – the high-resolution photographs provide real-time and backed up evidence of what was built.


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