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COVID-19 Update | 3/17/2020

To our valued customers and employees:


We know you are making constant adjustments to how you work and live right now. Things are evolving very quickly around this COVID-19 pandemic. Please know, should you need help, we have made adjustments too. Here are some of the things that are happening at R.S. Knapp right now. With our multiple locations, we are currently able to print for you if needed. If you find yourself working remotely and are without your plotter, copiers or scanners please remember that you can send your files to R. S. Knapp Co. / Napco and we can print and distribute the drawings for you.


NAPCO can distribute your files nationwide through our repro anywhere service as well.


Also know that we offer a full suite of software programs to help you manage your project from bidding to closeout and a file transfer program isharedocs designed specifically for the AEC industry.


If you need to order ink, paper or toner we are still able to fill those orders. Place the orders as you normally would or call 201-438-1500 or email


The current rules and restrictions dealing with the Coronavirus, while temporary, are important and need to be obeyed. If you have temporary custom informational signage needs we can help create and produce short term custom signs. 


Our service teams will still be operating and serving clients as needed. If you or someone one you know needs service you can reach us at


NAPCO can arrange for a non-contact delivery if you so choose. Please ask us about this option.


We know that many of you are working differently, however we all must remain productive. It is our mission to facilitate just that.


Let R. S. Knapp Co. / Napco do what we do best so you can do what you do best.


We have 4 offices around the region that can serve your needs.





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