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NAPCO Social Distancing Solutions: 3D Flythrough’s & Signage

NAPCO’s Social Distancing Solutions: 3D Flythrough Videos & Social Distancing Signage

States are slowly lifting lockdowns, but that doesn’t mean people are flooding into brick and mortar establishments just yet. With travel restrictions and social distancing rules still in effect, caution remains in the air, and will continue to for quite some time…

3D Flythrough Videos

Introducing 3D Flythrough Video Technology from R.S. Knapp Co./NAPCO. Provide your customers with a 3D tour of your establishment from the comfort of their own home! Perfect for virtual tours of educational spaces (think: college tours), retail locations, entertainment halls, construction sites & more. In addition to 3D tours, our scans are also used for site surveys before bidding or prior to construction AND as-builts, which are usually required by the owner of the property.

Explore a 3D Space Scan we produced for a local church!

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Social Distancing Signs

Now, more than ever, crisp and concise safety signs are a necessity for every establishment. As someone who owns or operates a public facility, it’s up to you to protect the health and safety of every person that enters your establishment with signage that clearly communicates social distancing rules, guidelines and expectations.

Choose NAPCO for all your Social Distancing safety signage needs.

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