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NAPCO’s own Kevin O’Keefe wins the NJBIZ DIGI-TECH INNOVATORS Award!

We would like to congratulate NAPCO’s own Kevin O’Keefe for winning the highly prestigious NJBIZ DIGI-TECH INNOVATORS Award.
NJBIZ created the NJ Digi-Tech Innovators Awards program to showcase the talented individuals who are introducing significant innovations in the technology and digital space, while also contributing significantly to the productivity and performance of their organizations. These individuals are embracing innovation by listening to their customers, analyzing industry trends and insights, checking out the competition, scrutinizing failures and identifying their biggest threats.
This award really belongs to everyone at NAPCO that helps contribute to our continued innovation and success. Bidset, planset, closeout and vizbulits continue to gain recognition and adoption in the market place because of you. It is through your efforts that our clients have been able to find better and safer ways to work during this pandemic.
Napco-workers should be very proud of their help in earning this honor. Great job Napco! Watch the youtube video presentation here.



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