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R.S. Knapp Co. Inc/NAPCO Acquires Prime You LLC

Lyndhurst N.J. R.S. Knapp Co. Inc/NAPCO today announced the acquisition of Prime You LLC; a leader in the cutting-edge technology of 3D FlythroughsVirtual Tours of Commercial and Residential Real EstateRetail, and As Built Validation SurveysPrime You ia pioneer in the adoption of 3D Visualization, and one of the first companies in the US to offer these services for commercial and residential real estate.

For years, Napco has been a leader in Construction Documentation Technologies and Services, to fill the communication needs of design and construction stakeholders. Acquiring Prime You enhances our solutions to address the explosion of BIM and 3D related technologies that are revolutionizing the Construction Industry. Napco’s expansion into visual walk through and 3D data capture services provide tremendous value and forensic clarity to mitigate risk in the second riskiest business in America. These visual walkthroughs can be used by building owners and the entire construction marketplace for anything from marketing, leasing space, pre-bid walk throughs, client collaboration, or to documentation.

Kevin O’Keefe, Director of NAPCO Jobsite Services Division, stated

“We are very excited about the acquisition of Prime You. It allows us to move beyond our core base of AEC clients to commercial and residential real estate property scanning as well. This was a direction we were headed but this accelerates the process. Studies increasingly show that visual documentation will become as common and as vital as plansspecs and as-built documents are in construction. Our recently trademarked VizBuilt Service and its rise in popularity is creating a surging demand for this next generation of building documentation. The need for 3D scanning of job sites and properties has been evident to us for a long time. Vizbuilts was created to meet customer demand for a full-service platform of reality capture, modeling and document management delivered turnkey to the client. It ultimately provides a superior deliverable and something the owners and facility managers can use to operate their buildings. Building owners and unsuspecting architects have dealt with inaccurate as-built documents that were considered the bible of construction documentation for over a century.”

Before the lockdown is even lifted, we are already seeing commercial real estate brokers asking how we can scan their properties to show their properties remotely. This is the same phenomenon we are witnessing in the AEC market with the rise of remote prebid walkthroughs on construction projects. The aftermath of the COVID-19 pandemic quarantine will only make this need clearer.

Jared DeSantis, President of Prime You LLC, was quoted as saying

“I’ve known Kevin and worked with the team from NAPCO for quite a while. The platform they have with VizBuilts is as good as anything I have seen in the market and I am excited to be part of it. Mr. DeSantis also was one of the original founders of the largest reality capture network in the USReality Capture Experts RCE, a national association of 3D Reality Capture Providers. Mr. DeSantis and his staff will be retained as NAPCO employees and oversee digital production of visual walk through services.”

Terms of the deal were not disclosed.

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