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“all you can fit scanning”

Stop putting off scanning and digital archival of old and recent documents. You have too much paper and not enough space. You know that keeping track of project information is particularly important these days with the explosion of litigation and increased pressure on accountability. You know that saving information is a crucial part of insuring yourself… if you didn’t, you wouldn’t have so much paper.

You’ve put scanning off because it was too hard to deal with. Doing your construction document management yourself eats into valuable time and requires software and equipment. Using a scanning service can be needlessly complicated and estimating your costs and can be near impossible.

That’s why Napco invented BoxDocs. You fill a box; we scan its contents. No hidden costs, no guess work. Call us to order your BoxDocs today: 866-752-6766. Specify if you need a large-format box for plans ($199) or a small-format box for “office-sized” documents ($99). Napco makes it easy.

  1. Get a BoxDocs box from us
  2. Fill it with your documents
  3. We’ll scan everything in the box
  4. For one low price

If BoxDocs “easy scanning” and construction document management isn’t good enough for you…

For large-volume or detailed scanning work, please learn more about our full range of scanning services by talking to a Napco scanning consultant today at 866-752-6766. Or, for a brief summary of these services, visit our scanning webpage here.

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