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Developing a plan to handle your company’s valuable documents when moving is a crucial part of a business’s transition to a new location. Setting up ongoing procedures for Storage, Archiving, Disaster Recovery, and Litigation Protection should not be an afterthought. Life Insurance protects your life, Fire Sprinklers protects your business, and Napco protects your business documents.

Whether you are a company who is preparing to move, or has run out of space for paper storage, or your records are in disarray, you should look into Napco’s scanning solutions. In most states, companies have a legal obligation to keep records for a minimum of seven years, and Construction Attorneys advise even longer. Retrieving this information when needed should not require a PhD or a crystal ball. Napco can give you the ability to store and retrieve project information based on your own naming conventions or filing standards, using your control numbers and issue dates. We can help you get organized and stay that way. For ongoing efforts, when a job is over, we can help you produce a project document history on CD or help you store it online with our iShareDocs service… or both.

Solve your storage and construction document management problems with Napco’s NY & NJ scanning services.

What is your company’s policy on storage of its legacy project information? Do you do enough to protect your company from legal and disaster recovery risks? Find out more from Napco today.

We handle architectural drawings, engineering documents, construction plans, specifiactions, “office-sized” and legal documents, you name it. Make the first step, and call a NY or NJ Napco Scanning Consultant today! 866-752-6766

If you’ve put scanning off because it was too hard to deal with…

That’s why Napco invented BoxDocs. You fill our box; we scan its contents. No hidden costs, no guess work. Learn more about our BoxDocs “all you can fit” scanning service here »

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