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Our friendly, knowledgeable staff works with you to help you choose printing and copying supplies based on your needs. We offer supplies that protect your equipment investment from contaminants and provide materials that assure the longevity of your engineering documents. Throughout New Jersey and New York, our delivery trucks- get you your supplies FAST. In most of our territory, stock items ordered in the morning are delivered that afternoon, the same day!

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Xerographic 20lb. Bond (Taped* or Untaped – for taped specify “xt” when ordering)

Designed specifically for LED plotters and engineering copiers, this opaque bond is manufactured to resist curl and static. Features bright white background for strong visual contrast at an economical price. *Available in “taped” rolls for use in Xerox equipment, you would simply add “xt” to the item number or specify that you require a taped roll when ordering. If you are not sure which you need, we will gladly help.

Xerographic 18lb. Translucent Bond

Offers an economical choice for diazo reproducable images. Designed for LED and xerographic toners, it produces sharp, high contrast images for crisp reproductions.

Xerographic 20lb. Vellum

This 100% cotton fiber vellum is permanently transparentized using a solvent free process. Media reduces solvent build-up on copiers.

Xerographic 4 mil Double Matte Mylar

This erasable film is heat-stabilized polyester film with an excellent, double-sided drafting surface. Excellent anti-static properties and toner adhesion.

Xerox Brand 4 mil Double Matte Erasable Film

Unique formulation enhances operation & increases machine uptime. This is the only film recommended for all Xerox equipment. It is erasable.

Toner & Developer

Brand Name toner and developer help to keep your equipment working at peak performance.

Item# Description
SUP7100103 KIP 7100 2x300gm cartridges  Toner
Z340970010 KIP 7170 2x400gm cartridges  Toner
SUP7700103 KIP 7700 4x550gm cartridges  Toner
Z370970070 KIP 7770 4x550gm cartridges  Toner
SUP7900103 KIP 7900 4x700gm cartridges  Toner
Z370970050 KIP 7970 4x700gm cartridges  Toner
339400 Océ 9400 (B4)  Toner
339401 Océ 9400 (D4)  Developer
339600 Océ 9600 (B5)  Toner
339601 Océ 9600 (D5)  Developer
1060125752 Océ CW650  Toner Pearls – Black
1060125745 Océ CW650  Toner Pearls – Cyan
1060125748 Océ CW650  Toner Pearls – Magenta
1060125743 Océ CW650  Toner Pearls – Yellow
33PW361 Océ PW 340/360  Developer
33PW360 Océ PW 340/360  Toner
33PW501 Océ PW 500  Developer
33PW500 Océ PW 500  Toner
33PW301 Océ PW300  Developer
33PW300 Océ PW300  Toner
33PW351 Océ PW350  Developer
33PW350 Océ PW350  Toner
33301 Océ TDS 300 (B5)  Developer
33300 Océ TDS 300 (B5)  Toner
33401 Océ TDS 400 (B5)  Developer
33400 Océ TDS 400 (B5)  Toner
33601 Océ TDS 600 (B5)  Developer
33600 Océ TDS 600 (B5)  Toner
33701 Océ TDS 700  Developer
33700 Océ TDS 700  Toner
337050 Océ TDS 7050 (B1)  Toner
33701 Océ TDS 750  Developer
33700 Océ TDS 750  Toner
6R732 Xerox 2510/2515/2520  Toner
5R178 Xerox 2510/2515/2520/3001  Developer
6R923 Xerox 3001  Toner
6R884 Xerox 3030/3040/3050/3060  Toner
5R310 Xerox 30xx/8825/8830  Developer
6R1185 Xerox 6030/6050  Toner
6R1238 Xerox 6204  Toner
8R13014 Xerox 6204  Waste Bottle
6R1374 Xerox 6279  Toner
8R13058 Xerox 6279  Waste Bottle
6R1238 Xerox 6604/05  Toner
8R13014 Xerox 6604/05  Waste Bottle
6R1445 Xerox 6622  Toner
6R1141 Xerox 721  Toner (crtn. of 8 bottles)
6R891 Xerox 8825/8830  Toner
5R633 Xerox 8850/510dp  Developer
6R989 Xerox 8850/510dp  Toner


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